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After working together on a number of spare time projects over the span of a few years, the team of YouTube's Chris DePrisco and reddit's "datums" saw the potential in making high end mechanical keyboard components that could be made in house to a high standard. Having seen failed group buys, disappointing quality control with products outsourced overseas, and months long wait times, we thought we could do better. 

Since then, we have established ourselves as a trusted supplier of machined components to some of the biggest names in the custom mechanical keyboard industry. In particular, we have specialized in products that are uniquely challenging, either because of their materials, their design - or both.  

We are now taking the next logical step - establishing our own brand. 

Though we will continue to produce the designs dreamed up by our current and future production customers, we look forward to 
dragging some of our own unique design ideas into the real world. 

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